Press Release

XXI International Contest of Young Fashion Designers
Admiralty Needle-2015
We are launching our «Factory» from 18 till 20 November, 2015!

«Factory 2015» is a generating power of the future that creates and promotes designers of the XXI century!
At the premises of Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design and in the framework of 'Admiralty Needle 2015' international contest of young fashion designers we are starting 'Factory' which will create young talents and an assembly line which, on the one hand, has a continuous cycle, and on the other hand, polishes diamonds of talents delicately like precious jewels.

International Contest of Young Fashion Designers ‘Admiralty Needle’ is the Contest of the best where the strongest one wins!

During its long history over 13,000 contestants from 40 regions of Russia and 20 countries have participated in the Contest and have presented over 10,000 collections. About half a thousand of collections are presented annually at the Contest.

Each of the participants will have an opportunity to present their collection to the highly-qualified international jury.

The Grand Prix winner will get 500,000 roubles, a special award from Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design.

The Contest winners will be offered opportunities to have internships at famous European Universities and prominent Russian and European fashion houses.

Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is the organizer of the Contest.
Our «Factory» starts working as a conveyor with an uninterrupted cycle to produce Russian trademarks and new fashion brands.

New concept of «Factory» has identified a new place to hold the Contest, the former textile factory in Rozenshteyna street, that is one of the buildings belonging to Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design. Contemporary designers are able to give a new lease of life to the old textile mill and make it a centre of attraction for the most innovative and courageous solutions in the fashion industry.
As a part of the exclusive VIP-catwalk show on November 19 you will see haute courtier collection embodying democratic luxury designed by Russian couturier Stas Lopatkin as well as collections by young and ambitious fashion designers including Olga Malyarova, winner of our Contest.

The final catwalk show and award granting ceremony are held on November 20 in Gimnazya restaurant.

Contest catwalk shows are held through kind mediation of models from the best modelling agencies Select Management and Kids Avenue.

International Contest of young fashion designers 'Admiralty Needle 2015' will give life to different and most unusual collections and will help dreams of talented youth from all over Russia and young fashion designers from all over the world come true.


18 November:

5:00 pm — Opening of the Fashion Photo Exhibition.

19 November:

12:30—5:30 pm — Master-classes by members of the international jury. Address: Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa 18, lecture halls 241, 333, 436.
7:00 pm — Exclusive VIP-fashion show: collections by Stas Lopatkin, Olga Malyarova, Darja Donezz, Inga Bulana, and Kids Avenue Production presents a fashion show of French trademark JACADI. Specially for the VIP fashion show Dance Studio TODES presents ‘Fabrica’ choreo. Address: Rozenshteyna ulitsa 8/12 (by invitations only).

20 November:

2:00—3:00 pm — Press-conference of representatives of ‘СРМ Moscow’ fashion trade show.
3:00—4:00 pm — Press-conference of the jury members and honoured guests of the Contest. Address: Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa 18, lecture hall 241.
7:00 pm — The final gala catwalk of the Contest, award granting ceremony. Address: Konnogvardeysky Bulvar 21, Gimnazya restaurant (by invitations only).

For further details, please, call  +7 (812) 943-16-62
Accreditation of mass media representatives: +7 (921) 942-64-67,