Star Factory 2015

Artist: Alexander Deineko “The Textile Women”
Fashion Designer: Inga Bulana
Photographer: Vladimir Levin

At the premises of Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design and in the framework of 'Admiralty Needle 2015' international contest for young designers we are starting 'Star Factory' which will create young talents and an assembly line which, on the one hand, has a continuous cycle, and on the other hand, polishes diamonds of talents delicately like precious jewels.

'Star Factory 2015' is a generating power of the future that creates and promotes designers of the XXI century!

International Contest for young designers 'Admiralty Needle 2015' will give life to different and most unusual collections and will help dreams of talented youth from all over Russia come true.

Russian designers should be in the avant-garde of the world fashion being able to create and realise the most challenging projects and fashion collections on an industrial scale. The art of fashion design that starts at our 'Star Factory' and goes outside aims to convert the life around following laws of efficiency and beauty.

Roll on, Time! We are launching our 'Star Factory' from 16 till 20 of November 2015!

Application deadline is October 18.